Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Magic Places

Since I moved to the country 8 years ago, I've wrestled with my decision. Does this mean I'm doomed to a lifetime of dressing three seasons behind the times? (Which may explain my desire to wear wool socks to the studio this morning!) Is it a career killer to forgo the bustle of a big urban centre? Are my kids going to be saddled with an accent my British relations will be embarrassed/amused by? (Possible)

The thing is thought, I'm here because something in me needs to be close to the earth. It's always been this way. On my bucket list: own a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a magic place if there ever was one. When I lived in New Mexico while going to boarding school, I began a consuming love afair with the desert. I can see why one of my favourite painters, Georgia O'Keefe, spent most of her life out there - something about that endless sky and clean, dry air purifies the soul and focuses the vision.

Today I'm making preparations to take the boys camping at Cape Breton Highlands Park next week. Another magical place. In fact, I set The Kill Shot in the Highlands and its original title was Gold Brook, after a gorgeous hiking spot that is eerie and mystical and perfect fodder for writing. When I get my act together, I think I'll make a little video at the Gold Brook trailhead.

OK. Four articles due second week of August are calling my name. Nuff blogging already.

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